Wars, terrorism, school violence, domestic riots, and the list goes on, flaming the endless fears that grow in the human heart. Worries are tightening around our minds with each thought, and physically, the anxiety makes it hard to breathe and warps the body into a bundle of nerves. Some of us can’t even imagine a life without worry and fears, and yet, to live life unafraid is to live with courage. It is true that fear is a legitimate emotion, and may even seem helpful in sustaining life, but facing the threat, marching forward, and defeating the fearful obstacle is the very definition of courage.

We talk about courage and promote it as a valuable virtue, and yet, as a culture, we try to ignore the realities that manifest fear in our hearts and hope it will simply go away. The reality that life will end in death forces the fears to remain, making us find a way to live life courageously. I find hope in writing, especially in writing poetry, and I find courage in the words I express. Writing can be a powerful weapon in the battles of life.


I stand and sit, sit and stand

Wondering where I’ve been?

Pacing the floors, each pace

Wanting the pain to erase.

Instead it lingers, etched within,

The hurt remains;

I call out again!


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