Wanted: Just a Little Compassion

I’m a person who suffers from

The disease of depression

And death is often a welcome friend.

Disorder, though, is what it’s called

Suggesting that I can fix

My “problem” and move on, switch my thinking

That’s all I need to do,

Still I’m asked:

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Why are you so sad?”

“You have no reason to be…”

Even though the world is full of death

There’s no reason I should dwell on it the way I do

It’s morbid! Not normal! Crazy!

But it’s not my fault

It’s in my body and it changes and cycles

It affects my mind, the way I think, my soul.

I would love to fix it

Change the way I think, not cry so easily

Or be so offended at times, but it’s tough!

Almost, no not almost,

It’s entirely impossible for me to switch the way I think!

Because there’s something happening

That is not at ease in my being

My body’s systems are unbalanced

And my mind is uncontrollably affected by this disease

Is there a cure for madness?

A cure for depression, anxiety, mania?

There’s medication, but does it heal?

Does it cure the disease?

Everyone around me thinks

It is this magical medicine, but it’s not

It helps a little, but it doesn’t cure.

Depression is a fatal disease

More than fifty percent of all clinically depressed people

Will ultimately die, from suicide.

Yet no one wants to talk about it, because it can be prevented

And if a depressed person

Finally dies from this disease, from suicide,

Well, it’s her fault, she gave up.

And others out there better get over it

Or they’ll die, too.

I wonder if we would

Expect a cancer patient or diabetic

To get over it, to move on, to change her thinking?

No, we have compassion for those who are suffering from such

Awful and devastating diseases, and that’s all we want-

Just a little compassion.

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