Mmmm, Cookies!
Mmmm, Cookies!

It’s amazing the simple joy a delicious cookie can bring to a melancholy heart. It is true that comfort foods can help ease the pain during times of sorrow, and for me, cookies are at the top of the list. A few years ago, I wrote the following poem after baking and sharing Christmas cookies (Betty Crocker cookie recipes). As I live the early days of this new year, I want to make every day a time to share the simple joys of life. Today, I savored a few shortbread cookies with my husband, and it made me smile.


Cookies! Cookies!

They are so good!

So have a cookie

(or two)

I wish you would.

Take a napkin and

Place the cookie atop

You can eat it on the go

With no need to stop.

Cookies! Cookies!

Are so much more

Than a sweet, circular treat

Filled with goodness galore!

Cookies! Cookies!

Are made with love,

No beginning or end

Like God above!

Enjoy your cookie

It is so good,

Please take it with you

I wish you would!

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