Bleeding Heart of Love
Bleeding Heart of Love

As a Christian disciple of Jesus Christ, I must make a choice every day. Do I choose to follow God’s Way or do I choose the world’s way? This challenge demands my daily commitment to reject the worldly allure of success that deceives and misleads. It takes humility and trust to follow Christ’s Way, and these holy gifts are given by the Spirit, growing the faith needed to believe in the Grace of Jesus. When loud, angry voices attempt to demean Christians who speak and live their faith, my choice becomes easier to make. I choose the love and forgiveness given by Jesus Christ rather than the hate and judgments given by the world.

Rise Up

I asked You to build me up     

          Instead You took me down

So I decided to build myself up

You painfully took me down again

          Breaking apart all the pride within.


Tiny pieces floating around, trying to reassemble

          I don’t want to be forced down

          Scratching, clawing, struggling

To go to the very top of acceptance

          That this world claims is gold.


Oh, how I want to be loved by the world

          Yet, You’re my precious pearl

          Take me down, Lord

As painful as it is

          There’s nothing I want more

          Than to live in pure peacefulness.

photo credit: <a href=”″>Coeurs-saignants – Bleeding Hearts</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a&gt; <a href=””>(license)</a&gt;

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