silhouette of pregnant standing on seashore during golden hour
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I feel my babies inside of me

Beneath my heart and completely free

Wanting so much to simply be

I am a part of this world.

But who am I to make this choice

To be the loudest and only voice

In my freedom to choose, I rejoice

I am a part of this world.

Sadly, others tell me its okay

To kill my child and walk away

And live to breathe another day

I am a part of this world.

But I also hear what the truth must be

As faithful friends try to help me see

When I feel my babies inside of me

I can’t stop their hearts because I’m free…

My babies are a part of this world!

Love Forever,


April, 2001


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I’ve been an outspoken pro-lifer since I was a teenager, and in recent years, my rejection of abortion as a protected right has become a dangerous belief. To speak out for the life of the unborn baby is now considered an attack on the life of a woman, leading to the deterioration of honest debate and resulting in arrogant hostility toward pro-life defenders. Trying to accept the feminist ideal that abortion is a moral choice that must be embraced and celebrated has intensified my hopelessness for our future.

When abortion is praised as a life-giving choice, I am shaken. During my deep days of sorrow, a baby’s cry reminds me that unborn babies cannot be heard, and I am filled with grief. So I weep for our children, our mothers, our fathers, and our society, which often leads down the path of despair.

Choosing abortion destroys hope for the future, diminishes the value of fathers, and eliminates the desire for mothers to build families. Ultimately, abortion is a choice made out of fear, and this fear overwhelms any hope we may have for the life of our children and ourselves. With faith, we must trust in the power of generous love and believe that life is a blessing.

I believe that women want to choose life for their babies and that men who provide the seed want to love and support their children.  We know the biological reality that an unborn baby is a baby; whether or not that pregnancy was planned, a choice must be made: will it be a choice filled with fear or faith?

Hope shines in this darkened world when mothers and fathers welcome their unborn children with a faithful and generous love.

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