Feelings Unite Us

I feel your emotions so deep, no matter the feeling it is

It can be overwhelming to share your emotions

To embrace this gift God has trusted me to live

Beyond order and self-discipline

I seek to find balance within

I love you and this is it

I feel your pain and joy

To want life not death

So sorrowful to sense

Your desire to end

How will I

Save you?


Too many young people succeed in ending their lives, and this truth breaks my heart and makes me worry for our children. Death has become an increasingly acceptable choice for people, young and old alike, who simply want to end their pain and control the uncontrollable. Pain and suffering is triumphant over the desire to hope for a better tomorrow. Hope has become a rare virtue in our world full of despair, and we watch in horror as those in our lives make the final decision to give up.

As a sensitive empathic, I feel the pain and hopelessness of others, united with my own pain and suffering, I weep with meaning. These powerful emotions, which are uniquely human, give me insight into a reality beyond the natural world. Even more, I pray with confident hope and hold onto the awesome truth that choosing life, for myself and others, is a divine blessing. I believe in a God of love who is intimately involved in our lives, and I believe God created all people with a purpose and place is this desperate world.

This is my prayer: Please Lord, show us the beauty of life!

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