“I Do Believe, Help My Unbelief!”

Who [indeed] is the victor over the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?  I John 5:5


Just Believe


He told us He is the Resurrection

The very life we all desire.

He said we could have it, too,

If we just believe and never tire.

It is so hard, though, to always believe

In this Truth that seems so strange

Contrary to this culture of death

Many say to follow Christ is deranged.


“Do you really believe, only a man

Could rise from the dead and live?”

I answer this question only one way,

“I believe in the Gift He did give.”

I believe in His Loving Sacrifice

Found outstretched on a Cross.

I believe He is God’s only Son

Who came to save His lost.


The condition of this darkened world

Tells me every single day

That every human being is lost

And there is only One Saving Way.

Jesus is the Way to Life

The evidence, to me, is concrete

So I believe in Him with all my heart

And with my mouth, His Good News I speak.


Accept the Lord and you will see

The Truth is shown in His Light

Peace is perfect when you know

Jesus has won the fight.

The battle continues throughout a lifetime

As temptation to sin darkens our past

But Jesus paid for all with His Blood

So through the Gates of Heaven, we may pass.


All we need to do is believe…

Questions: Life and Death

Simon Peter answered him, “Master, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe and are convinced that you are the Holy One of God.”  John 6: 68-69

I constantly ask God questions during my prayers, wondering who I am and where I fit into this mysterious life. One day I will die as everyone dies, especially connected to those whom I have loved. From disease, accidents, or old age, these mortal bodies will eventually break down and cease to live. But will we cease to exist? That is the ultimate question: what will happen when these bodies die? Jesus gives us an answer, and I believe in his powerful promise. To know Jesus is to know eternal life, and that is an awesome answer!



Do we study our history and learn from our mistakes?

Do we humble our hearts for our future’s sake?

Do we sacrifice for our children long before they’re conceived?

Do we honor the gift of life, and in our posterity, we believe?

Do we hope for a tomorrow that may never be seen?

Do we trust in this moment living as a simple human being?


Individually, we must answer these questions if we ever want to thrive

Do I truly live in freedom and respect this mystery of being alive?

Do I judge my life is meaningful in this tiny speck of time?

Do I revere the life of others who are body, soul, and mind?

Do I love the image of God revealed in humanity’s invisible soul?

Do I share the promise of salvation which is a gift I deeply know?


I do seek the Lord of Lords and worship the King of Kings!

Faithfully following the Father and Son

One with the Spirit, I sing

I am saved!

I am alive!

Trusting the promise

Of the One!








Faithful Love Gives Hope

silhouette of pregnant standing on seashore during golden hour
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I feel my babies inside of me

Beneath my heart and completely free

Wanting so much to simply be

I am a part of this world.

But who am I to make this choice

To be the loudest and only voice

In my freedom to choose, I rejoice

I am a part of this world.

Sadly, others tell me its okay

To kill my child and walk away

And live to breathe another day

I am a part of this world.

But I also hear what the truth must be

As faithful friends try to help me see

When I feel my babies inside of me

I can’t stop their hearts because I’m free…

My babies are a part of this world!

Love Forever,


April, 2001


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’ve been an outspoken pro-lifer since I was a teenager, and in recent years, my rejection of abortion as a protected right has become a dangerous belief. To speak out for the life of the unborn baby is now considered an attack on the life of a woman, leading to the deterioration of honest debate and resulting in arrogant hostility toward pro-life defenders. Trying to accept the feminist ideal that abortion is a moral choice that must be embraced and celebrated has intensified my hopelessness for our future.

When abortion is praised as a life-giving choice, I am shaken. During my deep days of sorrow, a baby’s cry reminds me that unborn babies cannot be heard, and I am filled with grief. So I weep for our children, our mothers, our fathers, and our society, which often leads down the path of despair.

Choosing abortion destroys hope for the future, diminishes the value of fathers, and eliminates the desire for mothers to build families. Ultimately, abortion is a choice made out of fear, and this fear overwhelms any hope we may have for the life of our children and ourselves. With faith, we must trust in the power of generous love and believe that life is a blessing.

I believe that women want to choose life for their babies and that men who provide the seed want to love and support their children.  We know the biological reality that an unborn baby is a baby; whether or not that pregnancy was planned, a choice must be made: will it be a choice filled with fear or faith?

Hope shines in this darkened world when mothers and fathers welcome their unborn children with a faithful and generous love.

Jesus or the World?

Bleeding Heart of Love
Bleeding Heart of Love

As a Christian disciple of Jesus Christ, I must make a choice every day. Do I choose to follow God’s Way or do I choose the world’s way? This challenge demands my daily commitment to reject the worldly allure of success that deceives and misleads. It takes humility and trust to follow Christ’s Way, and these holy gifts are given by the Spirit, growing the faith needed to believe in the Grace of Jesus. When loud, angry voices attempt to demean Christians who speak and live their faith, my choice becomes easier to make. I choose the love and forgiveness given by Jesus Christ rather than the hate and judgments given by the world.

Rise Up

I asked You to build me up     

          Instead You took me down

So I decided to build myself up

You painfully took me down again

          Breaking apart all the pride within.


Tiny pieces floating around, trying to reassemble

          I don’t want to be forced down

          Scratching, clawing, struggling

To go to the very top of acceptance

          That this world claims is gold.


Oh, how I want to be loved by the world

          Yet, You’re my precious pearl

          Take me down, Lord

As painful as it is

          There’s nothing I want more

          Than to live in pure peacefulness.

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/7196003@N02/3578670240″>Coeurs-saignants – Bleeding Hearts</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

Self-discovery with Self-love

Mystery and Discovery
Mystery and Discovery

Everything should be embraced as a journey; to find gratitude in pain is to find oneself following through while facing fears. To keep on keeping on until the lesson is learned and growth has bloomed, with the simplicity of every moment that should be shared in truth. Truth to oneself, truth in faith, even when feeling unheard and alone. We can’t give up for the triumph is always near. As there is beauty in the dark, there is beauty in the light:) Self-discovery with self-love is the journey.


Shy away, shy away phantom.

Run away, run away shadow.

Tear away, tear away blind sides.

Drive away, drive away, and test the time.

Burn away, and watch the ashes rise.

Rise above, out of the smoke, through to the other side.

Search, crawl, yearn, walk, and continue to yearn…abide.


Black as night, night you find.

Chains that shackle your thoughts in mind.

Dew is dawn and dawn be still.

After evermore, another altered fill.


Shy away, shy away phantom.

Run away, run away shadow.

Tear away, tear away blind sides.


The brightest star that’s seen;

Watch it burn and watch it shine.

Feel the burn, the burn inside.

In the pain, embrace that flame,

And shine it all the way.

Touch the rain, and thirst the beauty of all its gain

Kiss the night, for the night turns to day.

Watch that star as it lights the way.


Drive away, drive away, and test the time.

Burn away, and watch the ashes rise.

Rise above, out of the smoke, through to the other side.

Search, crawl, yearn, walk, and continue to yearn…abide

Endure the now in time.

~Kacie Bennett: Contributing Poet

photo credit: <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/50220975@N05/5861567144″>Lovestory</a&gt; via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a&gt; <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/”>(license)</a&gt;

Numbers Perplex

Now that’s bemusing!

Numbers are infinite. I remember learning this in school and being amazed by this mind-blowing concept. As a poet, I contemplate the mysteries of life, and to me, numbers are a forgotten puzzle, because we’ve become comfortable with them. I wrote the following poem to express the awe I see in numbers and to encourage all of us to reflect on the wonder of the number!


One, Two, Three, Four

What comes next?

Can you count some more? 

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Keep on going

You’re doing great! 

Nine, Ten…Isn’t that the end?

No, numbers are forever,

Do you have a few minutes to spend? 

Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen,

Keep on counting,

Do you see the pattern forming? 

Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen,

Numbers are a mystery,

Like imaginary ones, which can’t be seen. 

Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-one, Twenty-two

Where do numbers come from?

The Creator of everything, it’s true! 

Twenty-three, Twenty-four, Twenty-five, Twenty-six

God is the real maker!

Creator of numbers and all that exists. 

Twenty-seven, Twenty-eight, Twenty-nine, Thirty

You can count for years and years,

And numbers will never reach the end of eternity. 

Thirty-one, Thirty-two, Thirty-Three, Thirty-four

Just follow the pattern  

And you will count forevermore.

Another Year (2016) to Live for Love

Lighter Than a Feather

Another year gone, another year to come;

All I want for my life this year of 2015 is to have a heart

Lighter than a feather.

Only you, Lord Jesus, can empty

The burdens of hate, the spurning desires of greed,

The lustful thirst for wrath…

Oh, I want a heart lighter than a feather,

With no crushing darkness of evil

Pushing on me, trying to make me weak

Putting all my strength in to hatefulness.

That’s not what I want, my Lord,

Please make me free

From the heaviness of sin

And lighten my soul by filling it with

The love of life

That makes my heart

Lighter than a feather.